Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Due to increasing population in rural areas forest ,Water , land and the way of life is under increasing pressure not only are specific to rural employment , Systematically rather live life one day – is becoming daily crisis . The crisis of higher education to the children of rural areas youths assembled in the comprehensive planning that occurs.

They not only suit the changed circumstances you are able to live a life cast optimized But in this era of globalization, technology, technology-and scientific instruments developed by understanding them coming, they are in a position to take full advantage. Students countryside beautiful, affordable and-Gunawattapurwk season in 2003-04 for the purpose of higher education in the Universal PG Mahava towns College has been established.

Who is on the path of sustained progress and Currently the teacher training College ,polytechnical and P.G. college-and career-oriented education with college Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited for the purpose. (RKCL) was established and And technical education in the future and is aspiring college .

college objectives which have been set up.For those purposes, the college continued Prytnshil She has completed college grand building.Cultured student conduct and devotion to duty, the country could become a powerful and wealthy nation.Universal PG College, Mahua you all the support and love and success of our quality will strive to touch Heighest position . heartfelt welcome and good luck in the new season,

With Best Wishes

Dr. Kuldeep Singh


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